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Human resources is one of the company's assets that determine the development and achievement of corporate goals. With a professional staff, we offer the knowledge and skills training calibration


1. Training Measurement and Calibration

     - Magnitude Massa

     - Magnitude Style

     - Amount of Pressure

     - Magnitude Temperature

     - Amount of Electricity

     - Magnitude Length (dimension)

     - Volume / volumetric glassware

     - Geodetic (Theodolite, Auto Level and Total Station)


2. Calculation of measurement uncertainties Training

3. Training for lab.Kalibrasi 17025-2008 Quality System and lab tests

4. Internal audit Training

5. Training Quality Assurance calibration results (ISO 9000, ISO 17025 and ISO.14000)

6. Training Programming Logic Control (PLC)


Training is done in the form of regular (material and schedules that have been specified) or training package (materials and schedules based on customer demand).



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